Shenzhen HTGD Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen HTGD Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. In 2008 began research and development of automatic solder paste printing press, in 2011 formally registered HTGD company, is specialized in high-end automation equipment R & D, production, sales and service as one Of high - tech enterprises. The company adhering to the "strong brand name, guarding the Chinese manufacturing" belief, in the deserved entrusted solemn commitment, proactive, scientific management, and always adhere to the efficient action, the world synchronized technology, international certification of quality, To provide customers with high-quality products and improve its services.

HTGD is committed to take the professional line, to enrich the SMT professional and technical service experience, process improvement and effective solutions, rich practical experience to provide customers with appropriate and economical and reliable recommendations to meet the special needs of all types of customers. The company established a head office in Shenzhen and set up branch offices in Dongguan, Suzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Xi′an and Xiamen. At the same time, there are many branches and agents overseas, forming a strong distribution and service network in the world.

Major application range: Consumer electronics, Illumination, FPC module, Smartphone, Semiconductor, SMT&PCB assembly, consumer electronics products, auto industry, LED assembly, medical electronics industry, etc.

#Head office in shenzhen

#Core values: Service to surviv, Seek development by quality

#15 years experience in SMT industry

#Research and delelopment full automatic screen printer start in 2008

#In 2011, HETIANGOOD company was formally registered and establised

#200+ empolyees, 2000 sets machine capability each year. (HTGD, GDK brand)

#ISO certified company, CE approval for the machine

#Office area of 8000 square meters, modern, concise, rich sence of science and technology

# 10000 square meters standard modern standard precision equipment production workshop

We provide Technical support and excellent after-sale service at same time for your best service.

Our main products:

Solder paste stencil printer: Optional for printing all kind of different circuit board size, such as: 450mm X 350mm, 610mm X 610mm, 510mm X 510mm, 1200mm X 500mm, 1500mm X 500mm and etc, also can special design by customization.

Precision of printing are reach to ± 30.0 micron/± 20.0 micron, even to ± 15.0 micron, can fully meet the requirements of 01005, 03015, 0.25mm Pitch and other components printing process requirements.

AOI: Image and optical path system products are equipped with ultra-high resolution industrial-grade color digital cameras, which can be optionally equipped with 10m ~ 25m ultra-high resolution.

Max. PCB size (X X Y): (Double lane): 510mm X 330mm, (Single lane): 510mm X 460mm

Inspecting Contents: Missing parts, misalignment, tilted feet, virtual soldering, offset, pole reversal, tombstone, bridging, less tin, floating pins, bent pins, etc

FOV: 36mm X 30mm

Resolution: 15 μ M


It is used to detect and monitor the quanlity of solder paster printing. With the increasing precision of electronic products, chip components are becoming smaller and smaller, and the requirements for solder paster printing quanlity are gradually are gradually increasing. SLE/SLE-D can effectively guarantee the printing quanlity, improve the printing quanlity, reduse the defect rate of the product, save labor, and improve the production efficiency.

FOV: 48mm * 40mm (20 μ M)

Inspecting Height Precision: 1 μ M

Repeatability(Size/Area/Height): <1 μ M@3sigma

Dispensing series:

Support for FPC Dispensing, Camera Module Dispensing, Inkjet process (LED display), Mobile Phone Frame Dispensing, Underfill Dispensing and etc.
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